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The premiere cloud solution for running a hospitality business.

What's Mr. Black? End to End Nightlife Venue Management

Designed by nightlife venue owners for nightlife venue owners, Mr. Black is the one stop shop when it comes to operating your business. Manage employees, promoters, bottle service and guestlists, promote events through your staff, pull performance reports, remarket to your customers and so much more.

  • Your Business Employee & promoter reservations, event management, cashouts, customer re-marketing... We have you covered with any feature that your business needs.
  • Multi-device Don't use a mobile phone? Got a promoter that uses Android? We have every device covered with an amazing user experience.
  • Security Your data is on a secure cloud and is protected by world class SSL encryption as well as by you because you chose which users see what.

Platform Compatibility Mr. Black works on any device

No matter what devices you, your employees or your promoters and hosts use. We've got an app for that. iOS and Android devices are fully supported by native apps available on the appstore. And your office staff or anyone else that wants to use the web has a great interface to use too.


Who uses it? Every Person Involved in Your Venue

  1. Employees All your staff need to do is download the app and request to be accepted into your venue. Absolutely free.
  2. Promoters The app is free for promoters as well. They too just need to download the app and request your venue.
  3. Different Roles You have complete control over which role gets to perform which actions. Want your bartender to start doing cashouts? There's a setting for that.
  4. You're the boss If someone leaves or changes a role. You can make tweaks to their permissions in an instant.
  5. Employee Management

Features End to End venue management features

A few examples of what’s included in the App

  • Detailed event information at a glance
  • Guests Recieve Reservation Confirmations Via SMS
  • Create and Manage Weekly and Special Events
  • Manage Client Data
  • Door Security Clicker Stats

Testimonials Venue Managers love Mr. Black

  • Wayward TorontoOLEG D. Wayward Toronto We use it and we love it!
  • EFS TorontoRYAN EFS Toronto Compared to the other tools we've used in the past. Mr. Black really does allow me to do everything I need as a manager.
  • Addisons ResidenceJOHN The Addisons Residence Toronto It's a great way for us to stay on top of our employees, promoters, reservations and customers.
  • SAME Nightclub TorontoALEC D. SAME Nightclub Toronto I used to dread it when my personal contacts would ask me to reserve a table for them. Now it's a breeze. As soon as I add a reservation, it goes to the cloud.

Plans How much does it cost?

Plan for any venue

  • Weekly Custom
    • Basic Features
    • All Premium Features
    • iOS, Android & Web
    • 24/7 Support
  • Trial free
    • 60 day trial period
    • Basic Features
    • Limited Support
    • iOS Only
  • Annually Custom
    • Get 2 months Free
    • Basic Features
    • All Premium Features
    • iOS, Android & Web
    • 24/7 Support

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